Gun Control As A Social Justice Issue

Prior to the 1963, American minorities prized their gun rights, because when the chips were down, Judge Remington and Col. colt mad an Indian or a Black man the equal of a white man.

Minority men often sat on their porches, shotgun in their lap, watching what went on and stopping the bad stuff. And then the “progressive left” started talking about banning guns, the cops no longer waved at the community guardians, and crime in the minority went through the ceiling.

Causing that big run on deadbolt locks and sash blockers during the 1960’s.

Civil rights workers still carried – and Dr. Martin Luther King, jr, still fought for gun rights, but gun control has exacted a terrible price form Americans, most of that cost coming from minorities.

But now a San Diego biship claims gun control is a social justice issue.

When Jesus directed his followers to buy a weapon, He did several things, starting with the ability to defend ourselves and others from bodily harm or death, to choose our own rulers, to worship our God instead of a pagan idol, to live in a safe society, and even to create a civilized society and live in peace and harmony with our neigbors instead of fear, in a free society instead of the semi-barbarism of His ministry.

Clearly, gun control is not “social justice” but a return to barbarism, when a man’s ability to defend himself was a matter of genes for size and strength or wealth to hire mercenary guards.

And now a Bishop of Peters Curch would deny that Jesus enabled with His order? That is a denial of faith of first water.


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Extranos Alley IS BACK UP!

Those who like to browse the older posts will find the Alley is back up.

I will start transferring weekend posts from La Casa to the Alley this afternoon.

And we have been working on an expanded version of the Cost of Gun Control series, with all 50 States and DC in Alphabetical order.

Lots to do but first I have to get what I am doing now done.


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Extranos Alley: On Paying Off The National Debt

Over the last 24 years I have seem many “Exper ts” endlessly repeaing the Socialist meme that “we cannot pay off the national debt.” Thanks to a link at Steve Bartin’s Newsalert, we have a nice chart to look at, and to think about.

Over on th right of the chart, you will see the current National debt in 2017 minibucks. A bit to the left, we see the WWII debt, with the 2008 to date debt in red.

To the left is the gray crag representing our WWII debt, with a red triangle over it to today’s debt.

Now, click on over, and then I will give you the numbers the chart leaves out when you click back.

Back? Good.

In 1938, when a quart of milk or buttermilk was 15 cents, a loaf of sandwich bread the same, a 12 ounce can of Spam 29 cents, a pound of bologna 25 cents or a pound of bacon 39 to 49 cents, while a gallon of regular gas went for 24.0 cents or less, the national debt was $12,300,000,000,000, 12 trillion three hundred billion, Harry Truman dollars.

At the end of 2016, when a quart of milk is $1.39, a loaf of sandwich bread a bit over 2.30, ,a can of Spam #2.89 at the “about out of sell by date” store, and gas was 42.29.9 yesterday.

In real terms, in “what the numbers on your paycheck buy” basis, Hary Truman faced a hundred trillion dollar national debt.

We did not manage to pay it off. Something called the “cold war” got in the way of final payoff. Bu look how far down we caem.

Now, you will have to do some tall talking to convince me that our country cannot pay off its national debt.

Nrvsidr og Harry Truman’s 161,300,000 Americans could pay down their seventeen trillion dollar national debt, Donald Trump’s 322,599,000, essentially twice as many, Americans can pay off Willie Clinton, George Bush’s, and Barack Obama’s national debt.


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Extranos Alley: Minnesota Gong Conservative?

The Weekly Standard suggests Minnesota may be going conservative.

Minnesota, and neighboring Wisconsin, went “Progressive” during the late years of the 19th Century, with chalk talks on the wonders of our glorious Socialist future every place large enough to get a blackboard and a dozeN chairs in.

I would peg the Weekly Standard report speculation, although Wisconsin has come a long way toward toward turning Conservative.

But it sure would be good to have the Land of 1,000 Lakes as a Red State. Maybe the next time I stop in Albert Lea to feed the wife and a granddaughter I will not have a parade of city kitties giving these strangers with Mississippi plates the eye.


NB,that was at the Albert Lea Hardees, going from Nebraska and one set of grandkids to Superior and another set. Oddly, perhaps, that burgers for the ladies was all the money I spent in Albert Lea.


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Extranos Alley: Republicans To Oppose Single Payer Healthcare De,ps

In an an item that should be doubly interesting to all of us, Breitbart reports Republicans will target those Democrats who support “single payer” health care fraud.

Fraud? Yes, fraud. Just stick your head up and look around. Canada’s socialized medicine scheme is reported to be demanding more resources than the people can provide, so the standard of living is suffering, and very slow,no ealthcare delivery.

England’s healthcare system system is in such bad order that patients who are no longer productive members of society are routinely doped to the gills and pushed aside, to die of thirst.

France, Spain, Germany, Poland,or you name it. If they have Socialized medicine, healthcare delivered by hirelings of the State, healthcare strips every other segment of government of the funds they need to perform their duties. And even the consumption of most of a nation’s economy does not get a sick person same day treatment.

Since we are all potential victims of single payer,we should pay attention.But since DNC chair Tom Perez has ordered Democratic incumbents to “go along or get out,” Breitbart’s report that the Republicans will trying to replace every ANTI-gun Partei Congressperson and Senator.

It als means we need to help them achieve that goal. After all, the Fascisto-Socialist policies the Democrats call a platform calls for every citizen to bow to the all wise, all powerful, and ever beneficient STate.

Tom Perez fiat means Democrats must support – or at the very least not publicly disagree with – the Partei Platform. Which is Fascism extended to lawmakers.

Those with os little ego they would submit to such a directive have no place in public life. So getting rid of them is the best thing to do.


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Extranos Alley: What’s Wrong With Gun Violence? Research?

I see the Democrats are pushing “gun violence research” to further their campaign to ban guns.

While there is nothing wrong with honest research on any subject, “gun violence” studies are far from honest. They with a fallacy, “Guns cause crime so banning guns would eliminate crime,” said in any of a variety of ways, and go on to construct a gun ban castle in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Instead of gathering the facts and letting the facts carry you where they may, which is essentially the scientific method, they start with the anti-science expedient of starting with a conclusion and gathering or inventing data to support that conclusion.

And that is fraud, purely and simply.

Research on gun control? only one key fact is necessary to do all the research someone in possession of their faculties needs.

Since the first restrictive gun law was imposed in 1495, there have been more than 57,273 restrictive gun laws imposed; most under the pretext of crime control. Of those laws, not even one can be shown to have reduced violence or crime, made anyone safer, or delivered on its actual purpose of reducing the incidence of political assassinations.

That is the longest consecutive series of failures, and bloody failures at that, in recorded history. And that is all a sane and informed person needs to know about gun control.


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Extranos Alley: CBS Continues To Demonize Guns

I see CBS continues to use Chicago, the gun control capital of the United States as a reason to ban guns.

Followed by yet another sotry on the parents of Sandy Hook school killer Adam Lanza’s child victims.

Of courwse, CBS never mentions you cannot legally buy a gun in Chicago, unless you are a city hall purchasing agent. Nor does the rabidly anit-gun propaganda mill mention that Connecticut had some of the most restrictive gun laws in America before Newtown.

Nor does CBS mention that all of the guns gang members flash around on camera are stolen and trafficked – or that Federal gun laws worked so well that Adam Lanza was turned down twice when he tried to buy guns, and he finally resorted to killing his mother and stealing her guns.

Now, our community, the shooting community, has the power to stop these incessant propaganda attacks. We are the majority,by far. All we have to do is stop trading with CBS and local CBS outlets advertisers. And tell the advertisers why blowing ad money with CBS is counterproductive.

In an economy where everyone has everything and a four percent drop in revenue will sen share prices to the cellar, the loss of five percent of sales is a serious matter. In theory we could cut CBS advertisers revenue by more than 70%”

Or better yet, print out this list of gun ban funders by donation or by other support and avoid them like the pariahs they should be.

Either way, you will be doing yourself and your community a favor.


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Extranos Alley: Report, Gun Control In NC

The Captain’s Journal report out of North Carolina has it that someone

Old timers will recall several instances where gun controls were imposed on park visitors,with tragic results. The most notable was in the late 1980’s when you ran an extreme risk of being robbed in you visited one of Florida’s many roadside rest areas.

As I rec\all, the I-95 welcome station had a total of 5 robbery murders in a year – until Concealed Carry was put in place and a killer met a citizen with a gun. End o problem in northeast Florida, similar responses to “your money and your life” demands on I-10 and other roads headed south out of Alabama and Georgia ended that problem. And a couple of killers careers.

Any restrictions on privately owned firearms is a very bad idea. Turning public areas into a magnet for killers is a worswe one.

If gun control in North Carolina’s parks is an administrative action person or persons responsible should be put to a job within their competence, picking up litter in parks.

If it is a result of Legislative action, it must be reversed Either way, it is time for North Carolinians t contact their legislators.


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Extranos Alley: 7 August 2017

NASA reports two tropical disturbances, low pressure systems that could develop into something serious.

One is in a position and course to cross Yucatan and be in the Gulf in a day or so. The Gulf is quite warm, so if c conditions are right the west Gulf will have work for the hurricane responders in a few days.

The other is in mid Atlantic, and is currently chugging toward Miami It is not currently extremely warm. I expect it to turn north but listen to the guys who get paid for prognostication and not me.

In any event, it would be wise to make sure your vehicle’s gas tanks are full,, to check out the food and water situation, and consider your options.

Because it definitely is that time of year.


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Extranos Alley: NID Injures Fatgher,Daughter

My San Antonio when a ‘not intentional discharge’ from a 30/30 rifle injured a New Braunfels father and his 17 YO daughter.

Briefly quoting the MySA report linked above:

According to the release, the father was attempting to place an ice chest into the back seat while the daughter was simultaneously placing her phone in the passenger seat door when the firearm went off. The rifle was on the backseat floorboard.

NID’s are embarrassing at best, usually painful, an dsometimes fatal. Mos of the “thutty thutties” I saw when I used around north Texas were Lever guns, kept loaded behind the front seat.Most were top ejecting 1994 Winchesters,and the rule seemed to be to have an empty chamber and an open ejection port, which is about as fast to unlimber a loaded chamber and a cocked hammer.

But let this painful event be a teaching experience for all of us. However you chooswe to carry your utility rifle, make sure it will not discharge until you pull the “On switch.” Life is too noisy already without having a 30/30 go off with the muzzle next to your – ear.


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