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The Media Is Gloating

A preacher predicted “the day of rapture” for the umpty umpth time. It did not happen. Of course it did not happen. The Book says “no man knows the day nor the hour,” so predicting that is a foreordained miss. … Continue reading

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Follies; I Have Heard These Songs Before

This was a favorite of one of the ride hands – who disappeared one night just ahead of a guy in a red coat and a couple of local John Laws: And since we got all kinds on the road, … Continue reading

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Friday Night Follies, Erin

Well, it is Friday night. And for some reason I have a yen for the Irish music we used to hear on the wireless, those cold nights when the stars were just beyond a tall man’s reach. Let’s start with … Continue reading

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Off Topic: Salt NAZI’s Wrong

In a bit of good news for those who like foods that taste good, an EU study says eating less salt does not cut heart disease. Reuters gets a bit shirty when bloggers quote them, so I will let you … Continue reading

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