“Left VS Right”

In all the turmoil about the Norway mass murder, it appears the media has not only lost its mind, it cannot tell its left from its right.

In the United States, the political left tends toward Socialism, while the political right tends toward Constitutionalism. A far rightist would be a strict Constitutional Constructionist, while at the same time a leftist believes in government control of manufacturing and production of goods.

In Europe, the “left” believes in one of the two “dead end branches of Socialism,” Marxist Socialism. In the most extreme flavor of Marxism private property does not exist. And if you have three pairs of pants, you have “one more pair than your fair share” and must surrender that pair to the State.

The European “right” believes in the other dead end branch of Socialism. That branch respects private property rights, in that you can have as many pairs of trousers as you can afford – but full control of the manufacture and distribution of goods is a function of the State. That branch is generally called “Fascism.”

Anders Breivik, the man who murdered children in pursuit of his “right wing” goals is what we would call a Fascist Islamophobe. He hates Muslims, but is fine with the free health care and the other Socialist perks everyday life in Norway gives him.


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