While Royalty Leads A Humdrum Existance, Obama Lives Like Royalty

Talk about contrasts, I see Obama’s multi-million dollar vacation has closed down the Martha’s Vinyard airport and done economic harm to the island vacation spot. To add insult to injury the Obama’s could not travel in the same airplane. King Barack and Queen Michelle had to take two, doubling the cost.

But at the same time real royalty, the Swedish King and Queen, were dining in a 16th century German inn. Or trying to dine, that is. The hostess would not seat their highnesses! The Swedish edition of The Local does not seem to allow links, but briefly quoting the item from thelocal.se:

A red-faced restaurant owner in southern Germany admitted Sunday she had turned away Sweden’s king and queen when they asked for a table after failing to recognise them.

Nadine Schellenberger of Zum Gueldenen Stern, a half-timbered inn and pub founded in the 16th century in the centre of the southwestern town of Ladenburg, said the royals stopped in while she was hosting a wedding party.

“Whether you’re a street sweeper or queen – we just didn’t have a table or enough manpower in the kitchen at that time and our hands were tied.”

So the royal couple got back in their car and the King of Sweden drove off down the street to find other accommodation.

Help me out here. I seem to recall a war Americans fought to rid ourselves of royalty. Yet we have an erstwhile ruler who puts on more airs than royalty itself. Have I forgotten something?


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