Pravda South Cannot Tell A Truth

I see Pravda South, AKA the Washington Post, columnist Greg Sargent says Jimmy Hoffa did not call for violence on Labor Day. Briefly quoting this Pravda item:

Conservatives and Tea Partyers have managed to generate a third straight day of outrage about Jimmy Hoffa’s non-call for violence on Labor day. The National Republican Senatorial Committee is now raising money off of Hoffa’s speech, circulating an email with a subject line that says: “Take us out?” It calls on Obama to “condemn this call to violence against Republicans.”

Here’s the video clip. Click on it and hear what Hoffa actually said:

Now, I have been threatened by experts. Sometimes with cause. Hoffa’s words sure sound like a threat to me. And given the union led violence perpetrated against others lately by Obama’s supporters make Hoffa’s words doubly threatening.

Obama must either repudiate Hoffa – or we must accept that union violence is a part of the Obama campaign.


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