The Pipes, The Pipes Are Calling

When some Americans think of bagpipes they think of a piper or three marching in a parade, or behind a coffin. Or of the “Ladies From Hell,” piping the troops into battle.

The pies are far more versatile than that. the history apparently begins in Persia, at least 2800 years ago. Some texts suggest a kind of bagpipe, an air sack with a flute, is another 500 years older. The pipes are only incidentally marching music:

The familiar “Great Pipes,” the Scots war pipes also make great music, as Mark Harmer demonstrates here:

Further east, the pipes go back well over 2000 years, as this lively medieval European dudelsak demonstrates. The fireworks start a few second in – and the art is worth looking at if there were no musik:

Central European pipers have both a style, and a sound, all their own as this Romanian piper demonstrates:

Moving to norhtern Europe, there is an entirely different style, with a deeper drone:

I would think that is enough of one of the world’s oldest musical instruments for one sitting. Enjoy


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