I see the BBC has finally woken enough to ask WHAT HAPPENED TO GLOBAL WARMING?

There’s a funny thing about that. Man made global warming does not exist. It never has existed.

Let’s go back about 18,000 years. One fine spring day the Sun decided to wake up and shine a bit more brightly. That warmed the Earth – and the glaciers that had locked the Earth in ice for tens of thousands of years melted.

Since then, every 200 years or so the Sun decides to spend 50 years or so putting out an extra amount of energy. That makes Ol’ Sol tired, so it takes a brief snooze and things cool off a bit. Then it wakes back up and things warm back up. For a while until this natural cycle repeats. Cool and then warm. Cool and then warm.

But every couple of hundred years or so, it gets somewhat warmer. And every 900 years or so we get a “warming period,” followed by a little ice age.

Looking backward, we are just exiting the “Modern Warming Period.” That started around 1945 or so. Before that we had a cooler spell called the “Dalton Minimum” and a warmer spell and then further back the “Maunder Minimum.” Also known as the “Little Ice Age.”

Around 900 years ago, we had the “Medieval Warming Period.” When Greenland was warm enough to support settlement. Before that? England’s rivers froze solid in mid October! And then there was the “Classic Warming Period” when Hadrian built his wall.

And that’s how it went, as far back as the “proxies” go. Cold, warm, cold, warm. And now we are at the end of the “Modern Warming Period.”

So what happens now? My friends up close to Canada have been warning me of incipient crop failure all summer. They have ground corn into silage, had to force dry a scanty wheat crop, and soybean yields are far short of the norm. And now it’s three weeks into fall. What’s the weather like?

Well, let this quote for the Lincoln Journal Star tell that tale:

Coldest early October ever in Lincoln

“What you may have guessed, Ken Dewey has confirmed. Oct. 1-11 was the coldest Oct. 1-11 period on record for Lincoln, with records going back 123 years to 1887.”

Yep. And it’s a fairly safe bet that next year will be even colder.


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