Obama’s October Revolution Picking Up Support. Paid Support.

The Daily Caller reports a “progressive” organizer has admitted that he has paid people to take part the “Occupy Wall Street” show protests.

I think we will see much more of this as election day gets closer. Obama’s sponsor, George Soros, reportedly funneled more than 100 million dollars to the 2008 Obama Campaign, and is reportedly willing to do it again. But other donors are not coughing up like they did in 2008. In fact, Texas Governor Rick Perry did almost as well as Obama did in the last quarter, even though Perry was an avowed candidate for about half the quarter.

Since contributions are getting hard to come by, Soros is reaching back into the leftist bag of tricks and fronting “demonstrations.” Much the same sort of demonstrations that spelled the beginning of the ‘October Revolution” in Petrograd, and the end of the Weimar Republic in Berlin.

That is not at all good news. Especially since the Marine Corps has reportedly been mobilized to protect “demonstrators” from the “Brutal New York Police Department.”


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