Headline: “Rick Perry Revives Birth Certificate Controversy”

What birth certificate controversy? All we have are poorly photoshopped fakes, evidently made by someone under twenty. Because those of us over twenty would not have made so many obvious mistakes. To say nothing of the fact that anyone with experience would have printed off a copy, and then posted a scan of the printed copy on the internet.

Instead, whoever shopped the thing posted the electronic file, layers and all on the net. All the birth certificates have told us is the Obama campaign hires cheap workers. As far as we know, Barack Obama may have hatched out of a fly egg on Hilo.

And even if Obama was born in the United States, that is beside the point. Where was his father born? According to International Law, citizenship devolves from the father.

The last I heard, the Kenyan politician who is Obama’s father was born in Kenya. And that creates a problem. And a Constitutional crisis if Obama runs again.


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