Follies for Halloween

With All Hallows, Halloween, tomorrow night let’s have a little spooky music to honor the unhallowed dead on the day before All Saints Day. This first bit was written and performed by “Salty” Holmes, backed by the “Sweet Violet Boys.” The Sweet Violet Boys were better known as Patsy Montana’s “Prairie Ramblers,” who picked up extra bucks recording some very risque tunes. So risque that Patsy was not allowed into the recording sessions. Without further ado, Salty Holmes, and a cleaned up version of “The Ghost Song:”

Of course, no Halloween playlist would be complete without a Monster song:

And those of us who belong to the Seasoned Set probably remember the pleasure of resting and meditating after a long day, looking through the Sears and Monkey Wards catalogs, dreaming of .22 rifles and bicycles, filling out our education with a furtive glance through the ladies lingerie section in the front of the catalogs – we could not pronounce brassiere but we could spell it!

Of course, besides Halloween pranks that would send the unwary “down below” there were other hazards in outhouses. A friend of mine was bitten by a black widow spider in an outhouse, and then there were the four legged critters, coyotes, skunks, and other varmints. A “skunking” tended to bring you a lot of solitude. Maybe there were even badgers:

Let me tell you, that stripedy prairie weasel is nothing you want to meet in the outhouse. But that should suffice for one All Hallows Eve.


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