The Media Is Hyping Accusations Against Herman Cain – But Where’s The Beef

In a curious move, the media is blowing a great deal of smoke about the so far unsubstantiated accusations against Herman Cain. Accusations that amount to no more than “a former female employee of the National Restaurant Association said Cain made her feel uncomfortable.” Given that a majority of women are more or less uncomfortable around men, I do not doubt it.

Even the most casual, off hand comment a man can make can just sound wrong. Even as innocuous a comment as “It’s a pretty day today.” So without details, there is no issue. But the curious part is this. “The dog is barking in the night.”

That media dog did not bark when a serial rapist was running for President. Even though Gennifer Flowers story, as well as many other women’s more or less violent experience with Willie Clinton were well known. The Paula Jones incident did not come out of nowhere. That pattern of behavior apparently goes back to high school, when the locals say Clinton ran around Hempstead County with a blanket and a rope under the seat.

That dog did not bark when Chicago Combine insider Barack Obama was running for President. Even though the fact that Obama is a major figure in the housing collapse, the Fannie Mae scandal, and numerous other things. The Chicago media was well aware that Obama is and was a member of the Communist Party affiliated “Democrat Socialists of America.”

The dog has kept quiet through the candidacy of two individuals who would never have been elected had the media told what it knew. But now the dog is barking.

OK, Cain is not a “progressive.” He’s not a card carrying member of your political party. And Politico, the aptly nicknamed “Obama’s Typewriter,” has evidently pulled a story out of thin air. A story the media is endlessly repeating.

So NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, CNN, HLN, MSNBC, and the print media, where are his actual accusers? Who has he laid hands on? Where are their stories?

Either put up, or shut up. Better yet, shut down. Because after this you have no credibility left. Even if Politico pulls a “victim out of a hat,” you will still have no credibility left.


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