Well, Christmas Will Soon Be Here – The Radio Told Me So

Well, Christmas is almost here and the radio is playing those old familiar refrains again. Like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I sure remember when that song came out. I was in a line in the railroad station in Raleigh, North Carolina, waiting to buy a ticket the first time I heard Roy Rogers singing that tune.

The ticket agent was a buxom blonde, little bitty thing, showing more chest than was generally acceptable in those days. Several of the college kids buying tickets were a more’n a little goggleyed at the sight.

Some of their eyes stuck out like a crabs! One of them rubbed his eyes back in their sockets and stepped to the ticket window just ahead of me. In a minute that purty thang sang out “Destin-ayshun, Puleeze?”

“Two pickets to Tittsburgh,” sez the boy.

He didn’t notice, but she did! I could sympathize with him, she had just about the same effect on me. But I managed to get my ticket to Savannah without misspeaking myself. Or getting my face slapped.

It embarrassed the heck out of that young fellow, though. He was red faced about it. And one cheek was much redder than the other.


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