Friday Night Follies, Jigging and Reeling

Well, let’s start off the Follies with a bit of a jig from Newfoundland:

Now it’s out of style, is washing clothes by hand. And so is the ironing, with a sad iron. You know why they called them sad, don’t you? After a day of keeping the fire to keep those five pound hunks of cast iron going, keeping the irons hot so hot your spit would jump off all by itself, and smoothin’ the wrinkles out of the clothes with them; why you were sad enough to cry yourself to sleep, you were, now.

So let’s change to a good old fashioned country dance from a cieldh band – and that is pronounced kay-lee nearly enough:

Now, if you ever wondered where square dancing came from, now you know that Scots and Irish immigrants brought these dances with them – and soon expanded the sparse calling to an art form all it’s own.

Of course, the dances that go with this music is an art form all it’s own. As O. Henry described it, the art is to see how fast you can move your feet without moving your body or arms. Here’s the professional dance group Beoga, showing how that is done:

And of course, no review of Celtic arts would be complete without a bit of humor now:

And that’s about enough for one Friday night.


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