One Step Closer To T-Shirt Tax Collection

I think we are all familiar with the T-shirt imprint that asks “What did you make last year? Send it to the IRS.” The Infernal Revenooers are apparently one step closer to that point. As Americans for Tax Reform points out, the IRS wants to fill out your tax return for you, and then send you a demand letter for the “balance you owe.

Given my experience with the IRS, thanks but no thanks. A couple of grand a year for a good accountant is cheap compared to what I paid before I wised up. One time my payroll clerk made a ten cent mistake. She overpaid IRS ten cents. The penalty for overpayment was more than $150.

The highway robber’s demand was “your money or your life.” The IRS demands have always been more along the lines of “Your money, the fillings out of your teeth, and your life.”


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