PBS Setting Hilary Up To Run Against Obama?

At this time, politics is definitely on-topic at any American gun blog. That said..

It is no secret that British dailies cover American news in far more depth and with far more accuracy than most of our “progressive” Pravdas do. The Daily Mail reports PBS is making and will air a publicly funded four hour series on Willie Clinton.

While that would hardly interest anyone – the Daily Mail report says one hour of that will focus on Clinton’s “infidelities.” Well, yes, I suppose Slick was “unfaithful.” If the words of a great many women who tell essentially the same story can be trusted.

But the question is why. PBS has no history of preserving history. So only two things seem plausible. PBS’ extremely “progressive” staff and management may be trying to demonize women who have complained about their “Hero of the American Progressive Movement.” Or PBS’ extremely “progressive” staff and management may be trying to make Hilary the long suffering wife and the heroine of the piece.

The first would be an act of revenge at people like Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Katherine Willy and dozens more. Women who have already suffered enough of Willie Clinton. Given the general perception of philanderers, particularly those that fit Oscar Brands description of he-men. That seems a pointless reflection on someone the left tends to regard as a demigod.

The second would be one step in deflecting attention from Hilary’s three year record of incompetence as Secretary of State. Why do that? To help clear the way for Hilary’s potential run for the Presidency.


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