Big Drug and Gun Bust in Florida

MyFOX Tampa reports on a big illegal drug and gun bust in Pasco County Florida.

Pasco County, on Florida’s west coast just north of Tampa is in an area that is notable for the comparatively high volume an dlow reported acquisition cost of street guns. Something that is noted in the item linked above. Briefly quoting the linked item:

The conference table at the sheriff’s office was loaded with assault weapons. And he said, any time undercover agents called the suspect for drugs or guns, they were made available.

Sheriff Nocco said there’s not one rifle in the cache you could take hunting.

“What legitimate purpose does this gun have on the street other than to kill somebody,” he said, waving one of the large assault rifles.

And here’s MyFOX Tampa’s video report with pictures of the seized guns:

Quite obviously, many of the seized guns are sport utility rifles, quite suitable for hunting and target practice. Obviously, Sheriff Nocco needs some educating on what is and what is not an “assault rifle.”


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