The Modern Political Dictionary – You Cannot Tell Their Postitions Without a Program

A friend dropped this off and told me I could post it if I wished. It defines a politicians position on the political scale, from radical left to radical right. The further down the list you go, the further toward the right end of the political spectrum you get.


COMMUNISM An extreme “socialist” political system, usually imposed by force, in which the State owns all property as well as control and distribution of food, manufactured goods, and services such as health care. Control includes monitoring of the humans who produce and distribute goods and services, with relocation to forced labor camps for those who do not meet the “norms.”

COMMUNIST A person who favors state ownership of himself, his fellow citizens, and of all private property, with the exception of the persons and property of the ruling oligarchy. A Sclavophile or “progressive.”

SOCIALISM A political scheme in which the State controls all means of production and distribution of goods. The two major branches of Socialism are Fascism, which merely controls private property: and Communism in which all persons and property belong to the State.

ELUTHEROPHOBE A person with a strong phobia concerning freedom. Aristotle described elutherophobes as “natural slaves.” A “progressive.” Elutherophobes are natural Socalists.

SCLAVOPHILE A person who loves regimentation or slavery. A “progressive.”

OIKOPHOBIA The anti-Western Culture bias among “progressives”

OINKER A pig, or “misophile,” from the vast amounts of trash left on the ground or floor whenever two or more “progressives” meet.


ELUTHEROPHILE A person who loves freedom. A “liberal” in the original sense or a “conservative” to socialists.

OIKOPHILE A freedom lover. A liberal or conservative.

SCLAVOPHOBE A person who hates forced regimentation or slavery. A liberal or conservative.


CONSERVATIVE A freedom loving person who believes everyone should have every opportunity to earn both status and material wealth through their own efforts, and on their own merits. A person who believes every wage earner should be able to retain their wages, and dispose of their wealth as they please. A rational person.

This brief list is by no means complete. I will add to it as time and energy allow.


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