Axelrod Says Immigration Reform Blocked By Tea Party Reign of Terror

I see one of the paskudnik’s behind 1988’s “Slime Sarah Palin” campaign, Chicago’s David Axelrod, claims Immigration reform is being blocked by ‘Tea Party Terrorists.”

Now, that’s a hoot. A schlump like Axelrod making a claim like that. Instituting a reign of terror? How about all those accusatory sound bytes your agency made that accused Governor Palin of everything from aarvarkism to zyzygy, shmuck? Do you think we have forgotten your reign of terror, momser?

Axelrod is the real terrorist in the room. Purveyors of political poison, schlockmeisters like Axelrod and his buddy Ethan Winner would sell out their country to gain their political party a few more bogus votes. They deserve nothing more than a literal dose of their own medicine. Tar, feathers, and a long ride on the rail from a split rail fence.


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