The Hill Says the Secret Service Hired “At Least” 20 Hookers

No wonder they call it the Secret Service. At that rate they need secrecy. But seriously, “at least twenty “escorts” just for Obama’s SS men and a few soldaten?

That reminds me of a broken down Merchant Marine “captain” who never rose above the rank of deckhand. He had a lot of brag about his days in Shanghai. Where he went from house to house, shanghaiing them all. He said.

But “more than twenty” of the round heeled ladies for just eleven SS men? That sounds like a case of conspicuous consumption on the taxpayers dime to me. Like the Obama motorcades. Even Fat Al Gore did not have any this size:

I hope the tail gunner on Obama’s motorcades was one of those canned. Watch him at about 1:35 into the clip. That SS man has a bad attitude.



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