A Big TEA Party Win In Georgia – On A Shoestring Budget

Those who get discouraged by the thought of taking on the “big guys” on the issues should take a good hard look at yesterday’s Atlanta area elections.

Briefly, TEA Party activists took some $15,000 in donated money, added some legwork, and beat a ten million dollar campaign – by almost two to one. Briefly quoting the Atlanta Journal Constitution item linked above:

Tuesday’s outcome, Dooley said, also shot down many misconceptions about the group. Opposing Deal and the business establishment showed that the tea party is not just a wing of the Republican Party; forming alliances with the NAACP and Sierra Club showed a willingness to work across ideological lines; and winning showed that it’s not out on some fringe, she said.

In fact, the tea party scored a double victory Tuesday with the overwhelming popularity of a measure to restrict lobbyists’ gifts to state lawmakers. It was a cause the tea party championed during the last legislative session, and it positioned the group to push it with even greater vigor in the one to come.

Analysts said the tea party chose its battles wisely, tapping into voters’ strong anti-tax sentiments and doubts that public officials can manage big-ticket projects.

There is a really good reason for anti-tax sentiment. The greatest problem in our society is a rapacious government that taxes so heavily that it kills all economic progress. “Tax Freedom Day,” the day a typical American worker has put in enough hours to pay his or her local, State, and Federal taxes plus regulatory fees, was July 17th this year. Four years ago that Tax Freedom Day was May 5th.

So it has taken the single parent, the two worker family, and every other hourly or salaried employer 73 more days to pay the government than it did BO, Before Obama. With median family income said to be $49,000, Tax Freedom Day is expected to fall another 26 days later, to August 12th, in 2013 – if Obama is reelected and the Democrats retain control of the Senate.

It takes just one thing to defeat tax and blow propositions and candidates. A small amount of money, and a group of dedicated volunteers.


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