The Boston Federal Reserve’s Rosengren Proposes Running the MInt’s Presses Overtime

I see the Boston Federal Reserve’s Eric Rosengren has proposed an “open-ended quantitative easing program.” Essentially what Rosengren proposes is for the dot gov to buy “mortgage-backed securities.” That would bail the banks and Fannie Mae out – by devaluing the currency and destroying the value of the US dollar.

I sure wish the schools taught history as they did in the 1940’s. That scheme has been tried before, in a place called the Weimar Republic.*

What the schools did not cover then and do not cover now is the utter destruction of both society and of societal values that accompanied the Wiemar Republic’s hyperinflation. Among other things, nice German girls, secure in the knowledge that their parents had a comfortable dowry to help attract a husband suddenly had nothing. Not even parents with any ability to contribute to their support. So many turned to earning their bread any way they could.

While site rules, “don’t offend women and preachers,” prevent me from a detailed discussion of what happened after 1924, there are several sites on the net that do. Try a search for “German films of the 1920’s.” And I can say that Hugh Hefner was a latecomer.


Wiemar “Republic” is a strange name for the German government that emerged after Germany’s surrender in WWI. By definition, a “republic” has a heavily armed citizenry and a lightly armed government. Wiemar had a ruthless but irregular military, the Freikorps, and a totally disarmed citizenry.


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