Hmm: Florida Eyes Education Reform

The Daily Caller reports Florida’s Governor Rick Scott is eyeing education reforms and tuition incentives.

The tuition incentives would be a good idea. Make tuition inversely proportional to the societal value of the education. That is, medical school, the hard sciences and engineering school would cost $1,000 a semester. Law, phys-ed, and other low demand for graduates courses would cost more. No demand courses such as bowling, fly casting, art appreciation, and other “buy a diploma to have a degree” courses would start at $10,000 a semester.

While state support for the courses with high value to society might increase, the cost would be offset many times over by increased tax collections. So both society and state would benefit from tuition incentives.

As far as education reform is concerned, getting back to the “two professors to one staff” rule would make the cost of education far more affordable.


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