The “Liberal Lifestyle” Leads To What?

Over the past half century many academics and entertainment industry figures have tried to remake our society into a “serial partners” lifstyle. The lifestyle some call a ‘Sex and the City lifestyle.

Of course, everyone ages. What was wonderful at 25 is not so good at 45. And it is worse at 55, 65, and 75. One now early mid-life British lady found out just what a modern “progressive” lifestyle leads to – the hard way. Briefly quoting the Daily Mail item linked above:

What none of us spent too long thinking about in our 20s and 30s was how our lifestyles would impact on us once we reached middle-age, when we didn’t want to go out and get sozzled on cocktails and had replaced our stilettos and skinny jeans with flat shoes and elasticated waists.

When I look around at all my single friends — and there are a lot of them — not one of them is truly happy being on her own. Suddenly, all those women we pitied for giving up their freedom for marriage and children are the ones feeling sorry for us.

It is not my place to judge others. But I suspect that the young folks currently running through a series of short term partners would do well to have a heart to heart with the unmarried members of the generation immediately behind them. There is a lot of wisdom there – for those who pay attention.


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