Well, I see the boffins say the Shroud of Turin Dates to the first century

Reigniting the controversy over the age, and therefore the authenticity, of the Shroud of Turin, boffins now say the Shroud is from the first century, either BC or AD and it’s your pick on which one. That will set the scoffers off and turn on the believers.

While I take no position on the age of the fabric – which fits the description of a first century burial shroud but may have been intended for something else – I will observe that it is very dangerous to claim that something is a forgery until you know how an image was made. And despite all the hooraw, no one yet has come up with a plausible explanation of that small detail.

So we shall see what we shall see, as usual. But I will observe that the image is remarkably lifelike – and the model, if that is what the image is from, was a handsome man.


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