Back In 1964, When The Entertainment Industry’s Money Began To Sway Editorial Opinion

The entertainment industry’s 1963 gun control program, designed to preserve violent programming and protect residual payments, got cranked up in the spring of 1964. At that time, more than 77 percent of Americans trusted their newspapers and the hour or so a day of television news. A decade later, that had fallen by almost half, to 39 percent. Since then, the highest percentage of trust was in the low 50 percent range, in the late 1970’s.

Thanks to Breitbart, I see the Gallup organization reports public trust in newspapers continues to decline, with 23%, less than one American in four ‘trusting their newspaper.’

That is an 18 percent decline in public trust in newspapers since in two years. And, from a business model standpoint, the newspapers future looks dim indeed.

After all, the publishers want us to blow $250 a year on “news” we cannot trust, commentary that is filtered through Marxist glasses, “comics” that have more to do with politics than fun, and “culture” that should be spelled “kultur.”


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