Trick or treating starts at 4:00 sharp here – and we thought we were well prepared with eight 5 pound bags of candy. We try to make it worth a kids while to stop by so we try to give each trick or treater two ounces of sweets.

I hit the 320 kid mark at 6:05. With just a few odd pieces in the bowl, the last angel was served at 6:09. (She was about eight, and looked like she was born to wear wings!)

And while there should be a song about “40 pounds of candy” Ella Mae Morse singing “Forty Cups of Coffee” is the closest tune I can find:

Miss Morse was a much prettier lady than her photograph indicates. And her sponsor was Chase and Sanborn! None the less, her blend of swing and jazz went down well with the disc spinning set. Let’s listen to Ella Mae’s rich Texas accent on another piece of very hot wax:

There’s a nice solid beat there. But the liner notes are somewhat in error. We really had no “country music” when Ella Mae was makin’ ’em stand up and cheer. It was “hillbilly,” and Ella Mae’s sophisticated rhythms were far from hillbilly.

Another popular chanteuse of the late 1940’s and early 1950’s was Miss Eileen Barton. Who was a definite crowd pleaser and hall packer:

Another crowd pleaser was Her Nibs, Miss Georgia Gibbs. Who could pack a grandstand as well as anyone I have seen before or since:

And of course, after you and your date were completely worn out from a night on the dance floor, a little slower tune for a reflective ride home always seemed in order.
From the Ink Spots – one of the most popular tunes from 1940:

And, after a cuppa joe of my own, there may be time yet for an encore.


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