It Never Went Away, And Now The Evil Is Over Here

During WWII British military personnel described American GI’s as “Overpaid, oversexed, and over here.” A very few years later, Europe exported its Fascism to the United States. Now, the Telegraph has an item up documenting modern European Fascism, pointing out the fact that Fascism has continued almost unabated in Europe.

Briefly quoting Dr. Stanley’s report:

We used to kid ourselves by saying, “It couldn’t happen here”. Fascism in 21st century Europe was surely dead – rendered null and void by memories of World War II, greater wealth, multiculturalism, growing tolerance and our faith in social progress. Yet, last week a significant number of Europeans voted for far-Right movements that bear comparison with 1930s fascism. The Front National in France (25 per cent), Golden Dawn in Greece (10 per cent), the Danish People’s Party in Denmark (27 per cent), Party for Freedom in the Netherlands (12 per cent), Freedom Party in Austria (20 per cent), and Jobbik in Hungary (15 per cent). Members of Jobbik have called for Jews to sign a special register, on the grounds that they might pose a “national security risk”.

As Aristotle pointed out in his politics, “There are those who are natural slanves; and there are those who know very well how to handle them.”

The Fascist way is to promise safety, security, and “dignified work.” When the Fascists are firmly in power, the trucks come to haul those who have fallen for the official line to the coal mines, the quarries and fields. Where they will believe that someday, soon, the paradise they were promised will arrive, and they will never have to labor again.

Fascism is, marginally, better than Communism. Both feed on hatred of others; Jews primarily. Both make freemen into slaves, first disarming, and then treating them as cattle.

We must do what is necessary to at least reject Fascism here. Before we find ourselves in a “reeducation” camp.


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