Hmm: That leaves us 4.5% short

Economists generally say the Gross Domestic Product should grow in order to make room for our expanding population. Most seem to agree that a 3.5% year on year growth is about right to remain in the same place.

The latest economic survey says the economy shrank ant a 1 percent annual rate during the first quarter. The reasons are many, starting with the “progressive” policy of shipping “polluting jobs” to China, essentially exporting 56 million manufacturing and support jobs.

While this is not the place for a laundry list of reasons, the fact remains. At this rate, at the end of the year we will be 4.5 percent worse off than we were on New Years Day.

The worst hit will be those who lack salable skills. Recent graduates, not to put too fine a point on it. The hope of our future – who cannot so much as saw a straight line, turn a piece of metal, add a column of numbers, or recognize a trend when one slaps them in the kisser.


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