The Problem Is The Sinister Side Of Politics Eats The Opposition

I see Ralph Nader is calling for a “left-right convergence” to dismantle the Corporate State.

There are two problems with that. First, the political left always wants more and more government. A government that provides crew of nanny’s for every citizen, on duty 24/7/365, would be almost enough for the sinister ones. But of course, when they get to that point, they will demand an electric tailwiper in every bathroom.

And then cut the electric power off so the gadget will not work!

The second problem is related to the first. Socialist factions “eat the opposition.” As soon as they have the power, they create “reeducational camps,” “labor camps,” and mass gas chambers to take care of the opposition.

There is no safety in partnering with the political left, which lacks both honesty and honor. Those who try it invariably end up in the situation of the frogs in Aesop’s fable of the Frog Who Would Be King. Eaten up by a water snake.


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