CLIMATE CHANGE? No, Just A Down Cycle

Checking the IJIS Arctic Ice Moinitor website, I see today’s ice extant is a respectable 10,450,284 square kilometers. If that is not as great an extant as we had in 1980, the Arctic did not get millions of tonnes of ice melting Asian soot in 1980.

Turning to Arctic temperatures at the Danish Center for Ocean and Ice, has just passed the freezing pint of water, at 273.15 degrees Kelvin.

And clicking on over to Ice Age Now I see it is snowing in places it has never snowed before, and the Southern Hemisphere is brutally cold.

Global warming? No, low solar irradiance. The sun is going to take a rest for a while. It happens every 220 years, when all the solar cycles stack up just so.

And unless Obama thinks he can turn the Sun’s wick up he might as well quit blabbering about it.


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