Ode To Jack Russel

Almost twenty years ago, someone left a Jack Russel by the road running through some property I own. He was obviously hungry, standing by the road, looking up and down. My grandson finally caught Joe, for Jo Jo the dog faced dog. Who loved kids and hated men. Irish entertainer Riche Kavanagh pretty much sums Joe up in…

Joe hated men – until one Sunday the other rescued dogs were in and out of my lap, getting their ears scratched and bellies rubbed, when suddenly I had a lap full of Joe. After that, he would eat out of my hand without putting a fang in me. But until the day he died, the vet and I were the only men who touched Joe.

Joe made his last trip to the vet’s a couple of years ago, greeting all his friends and then lying down on the table as though he welcomed his final friend. And he’s another I hope to see in Fiddlers Green


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