why You Should Not Have ANY Money In The Stock Market

There is an old saying to the effect that the game is rigged but bystanders cannot win. This is obviously true – except under circumstances when the game is rigged so a player is certain to lose.

Zero Hedge has an interesting report on one second in the stock market, and a situation in which bettors were certain to lose.

Briefly quoting the Zero Hedge report:

We noted previously the comedic melt-up in stocks in the last few minutes of the day but away from the simple-to-see shenanigans in VIX and the major equity indices, Nanex shows a massive number of stocks experienced a stunning coordinated WTF moment at 1550ET…


If you can describe it by a number, it is less than infinite. Mathematically speaking, the chances of that many stocks taking a jump like that are still within the limits of nueration so the probability that the game is rigged is less than infinite. But the probability that an investor who buys stocks now will lose money are at is very high.

There is an old saying that you should ease your hand out of an angry dog’s mouth. I eased my money out of the market almost twenty years ago, when I observed other impossible trends in the market.

At the moment, the Central Banks have more money invested in the markets than there is in the world, so let them take the bath. For me, I want stuff that will be valuable after the banksters get their comeuppance.


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