Global Cooling Immenent, Says Scientist

A climate scientist, one John Evans, posting at joannenova, says we will have global cooling within five years.

Briefly quoting Dr. Evans report linked above:

If the Sun mainly controls the temperature on Earth, a turning point is almost upon us. (In the second part of this series of blog posts we will demonstrate that carbon dioxide is responsible for less than 25% of the global warming of the last six decades, so presumably the Sun is mainly responsible.)

Dr. Evans goes on to say that cooling is invertible and all the other things my history based projections have predicted. We have been at the top of a climate maximum, and if history is a reliable guide it is time for temperatures to decline.

Of course, the temperature decline will be quite small if you measure in Kelvins, where the freezing point of water is 273.15 degrees above absolute zero. But it will be substantial if you are a farmer trying to cope with slower crop grown and shorter growing seasons.

Dr. Evans thinks our climate may be similar to the 1940’s or 1920’s; both notably cold decades. Personally, looking at the absorption/transmission spectrum of CO2 at tropospheric pressures, I think it will be more like the Dalton Minimum; with the climate close to that experienced in the early 1800’s.

Of course, there is nothing we can do ab out that short of turning the Sun’s wick up. And if we could that would be most inadvisable since we think but do not know precisely how our star works.

The bottom line? Stock up on warm clothes, warm bedding, and short growing season crops. Even a space the size of a typical suburban back lot can provide a substantial portion of your diet.


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