SCOTUS Rules – Socialsts Rant

Earlier today the Supreme Court ruled closely held companies have a religious exemption to some facets of Obamacare. This is proper under the First Amendment, since the so-called “establishment clause” is not.

If it were the rules of King George’s English construction would have it read “Congress shall make no law concerning the establishment of religion. Written that way, Congress shall not name a State Religion, similar to the one in effect in Massachusetts at the time.

What the first amendment does say is “Congress shall make no law concerning an establishment of religion.” Meaning the State does not rule an existing religious establishment, whether doctrine, religious rites, or anything else concerning a religion. While the States may prosecute ritual sacrifice as murder, as well as other criminal code violations done in the name of religion, that is about the limits of permissible interference with religion.

So SCOTUS’ ruling was expected. The only thing in real doubt was whether the ruling would be “broad,” opening a religious exemption to every employer, or “narrow,” limiting it to single proprietor and family ownership companies. SCOTUS handed down a narrow verdict, and the violent left went ballistic.

“Makes me sick,” “undoes all we have done,” and other comments are just the tip of the iceberg. Most are far more threatening. Something that is typical and expected from the fascisto-socialist left. Which insists on government control of every aspect of an American’s life, from birth to the concentration camps.


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