The United States Is Now The World’s Biggest Oil Producer

While I have not found Bloomberg to be highly accurate, Bloomberg’s Business News reports something that is credible because it was expected.

The United States is the world’s largest producer of petroleum, producing the equivalent of eleven million barrels a day during the first half of 2014.

Our proven reserves are more than enough to carry us to the point we can become energy independent. But solar and wind are not going to be the replacements.

Currently, wind energy must be heavily subsidized to break even, and there is really no practical way to provide either wind or solar energy at night, when the wind is not blowing inside a narrow range of speeds, or to operate solar at full capacity when the sun is obscured.

In addition there are a couple of problems besides storage. A solar plant the size of the Mojave Desert would be enough when the sun shines. A plant with about two and a half times that in “capture area,” land surface area, would provide enough energy to power the USA – if you could provide power without losses.

An orbiting satellite solar plant could beam energy to the surface, but it would take a dish several times the diameter of the Areciebo dish to pick up the radiated energy, and keeping gigawatts of power from landing outside the dish and frying everything in sight would be a real struggle.

Wind has another serious problem. It would take all the earth’s wind energy to supply the United States power needs plus enough to supply “electric cars.” I am reasonably sure other countries would not give up their wind energy without a struggle.

So that leaves us with? Nuclear. While the high pressure reactors that failed because diesel pumps ran out of fuel after the Japanese tsunami there are many far safer; and far lower cost; nuclear plants on the drawing boards.

While the first of those plants would cost five to six billions of dollars, the ultimate cost of 500 of those plants would be less than one trillion. About one years deficit for the Obama regime.

Spread over fifty years, that is only twenty billion a year. And 500 suitably sized “area” power plants could provide more than adequate power, with plenty of reserve, for more than 99 percent of the United States needs until the start of the next Century at least.

Of course, that plan would quickly run into problems. The greatest problem will be the speculators who plan on becoming trillionaires on “renewable” energy.

Renewable in that wind turbines are destroyed by a sudden gust of wind; solar plants cells lose efficiency relatively quickly, and so on. The same dudes pushing “renewable energy” at a buck or more a kilowatt hour are laying megabux on cooperating politicians and the complicit media – sure of a gigabux return on investment.

We have energy, and we have the technology to have clean energy until the end of time. But – can we get the money hungry out of the way?

That is the real question.


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