Obamacare Playing Hob Wth Doctors and ER’s Bottom Lines

Talking to my current doctor, I came with the practice so I have a doctor for the time being, I got a fair picture of what Obamacare was doing to physicians bottom lines.

After the mandatory testing and record keeping is paid, a doctor must see a Medicare or Medicaid patient every 260 seconds, four minutes and twenty seconds, to break even.

Of course, Obamacare is not doing the few who are buying health insurance any favors either. Those who have signed up are paying around 25 percent more than they did for a comparable policy in 2008. All those mandatories cost plenty, and what costs must be paid for.

Besides the pitiful payment rates there are other problems. The destructive effects on emergency rooms; and the decline of trauma care:

The eventual results is increasingly obvious. American families cannot afford to buy health insurance. Neither can companies. So eventually the insurance companies are going to go bust, a lot of people will live with chronic illness, or die.

And the VA scandal is just a straw in the wind.


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