Here’s a climatologist who says what I have been thinking for the last twenty years.

The release of the allegedly hacked (allegedly hacked because it appears to be an inside job) HAD-CRUT files make it abundantly clear that Anthropogenic Global Warming, a la Al Gore, is a fraud and a fake. Temperatures have been dropping for at least a double decade, as continuous temperature records from undisturbed weather stations clearly demonstrate.

I have already discussed the absurdity of blaming what tiny warming the recent peak in solar radiation caused on carbon dioxide. While a butterfly in Peking may cause a rainstorm in Iowa – the total amount of warming from increased CO2 is completely swamped by the increased amount of water vapor caused by increased insolation.

The sun is calming down, and the Earth IS getting cooler. As any honest researcher will admit. Since cooler is part of a long term weather trend, it’s getting cooler by fits and starts.

And trying to reduce global temperatures by cutting CO2 by cutting energy production can only destroy our economy. And our civilization.


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