ClimateGate has been in the news. NOT!

Of course, I have been snarking about “global warming” for almost twenty five years. As I have pointed out, the claimed basis for “anthropogenic global warming” simply does not add up.

Yes, the Earth was getting warmer. That has happened before. Such very warm periods normally last around fifty years. The “modern warming period” began around 1945. And it apparently ended in 1998. Right on schedule. The sun’s schedule, not ours.

And yes, the amount of atmospheric carbon dioxide has been growing rapidly. That is a result of the industrialization of China. Which resulted from a pact between the Clinton Administration and the Chinese. That agreement called for the Chinese to buy American treasury bonds with profits from manufacturing jobs shipped to China.

Greatly profiting the Chinese, and American stock brokers. But almost no one else. Especially the Chinese people, who had to live with massive pollution.

And yes, soot from China was windblown to the Arctic, where it resulted in a drop in ice coverage. But that has been offset by reduced solar insolation, resulting in a record rate of refreezing at the onset of the Arctic winter. At present, the big freeze covers an area equal to the area of Scotland with ice every day. That’s twice the normal rate.

But there is still no SCIENTIFIC basis for “Anthropogenic Global Warming.” Period.

Of course, a great many people had doubts about “global warming.” These climate skeptics finally hit the University of East Anglia’s Hadley Climate Research Unit, or HadCRUT, with a Freedom of Information Act order.

Which the HadCRUT principals rejected with a statement that the requested information was no longer available.

But someone, probably an HadCRUT insider, put a 61 megabyte ZIP file containing all the requested data, plus thousands of inculpating E-mails, on a Russian “torrent server” to be downloaded by anyone. And then the self named “FOIA2009” announced the files availability on various climate skeptic web sites.

I said inculpating. A stronger word is incriminating. The data clearly indicates deliberate fraud, and the E-mails indicate deliberate fraud for political advantage. Apparently criminal investigations are in the works, but “incriminating” will have to wait until charges are filed.

While Pravda West and most of the State Run Media will not print any of it, more than enough has been posted on the web to seriously discredit HadCRUT’s principals, as well as a widening circle of collaborators. Including many American warmers. And some of those seem to be making an effort to scrub themselves clean.

An early discovery discussion is here or for the latest go here.

And do remember this fraud when the subject of “Cap and Tax” is mentioned.


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