The University of Pennsylvania has decided to investigate ClimateGate principal and Anthropogenic Global Warming proponent Micheal Mann. That is very good news indeed.

While the BBC and the regressive “progressive press” has not given the AGW fraud the attention it deserves, the smaller newspapers and the New Media have.

Of course, there is more to ClimateGate than just scammers trying to make a reputation and a few bucks. H.L. Menken put it succinctly when he said ” The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”

That is of course true. AGW has been a centerpiece for “Progressive” political change for many years. But the real tragedy of the scam is the black eye it gives to ALL science. The hard sciences such as astrophysics, nuclear physics, and every other branch of science has been tarred with the same brush the HadCRUT scammers so liberally applied to themselves.

And that is as much a tragedy as any in the mess.


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