As far as the “Green in the Street” is concerned I think Micheal Crichton nailed it.

It IS important to clean up our planet, and to keep it clean. And it’s important to do what works to promote a healthy planet as a safe place for ourselves and our descendants. But AGW and most other “green initiatives” will do little or less to get the job done.

But what about the Al Gore’s, Micheal Mann’s and the others promoting AGW and other “greens?” I do not believe their motive is profit. I believe the motive is political control. To that end, they pursue the Cloward Piven Strategy, to so overburden the government with expensive demands that the government falls.

And Al Gore and the essentially regressive “progressive Greens” will be as willing to step into the gap as Adolph Hitler’s National Socialist Workers Party was when the Weimar Republic fell.


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