Rhambo Shoots Chicago’s Future In The Head

Everyone should carefully consider the probable consequences of their actions. Particularly those entrusted with the health and welfare of their constituents.

I see the Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, a prominent member of both the Chicago Combine and of the Sinister Left is trying to buy votes cheap by raising Chicago’s minimum wage to $13.00 an hour. Given the few jobs available in Chicago, I doubt that Emanuel will be thrilled with the results of his ploy. A ploy that will almost certainly spell the end to Chicago’s days as a commercial center.

For example, robots are available that will turn out a perfectly done and fully dressed hamburger made to the customers order, at a rate of one every ten seconds. Asian factories are also ready to crank out manlike robots that will do almost any other entry level job. . At $13 an hour, it will cost four years salary for a robot, down from seven at $7.25 an hour, with no FICA, no workman’s comp, no health insurance, no unions, no organizers, no walkouts, no slowdowns, and 24/7/365 theoretical up time. For about 8000 hours salary at $13.00 an hour.

And that means there will be far fewer entry level jobs for Chicago. No entry level jobs eventually means no skilled jobs. And the waters of Lake Michigan and the sands of its beaches stand ready to reclaim the place Chicago once stood.

“The devil,” they say, “finds work for idle hands.” And the work “Mr. Scratch” finds are hanging out on corners, peddling drugs; “Hitting” rivals; mugging old guys; burglarizing houses; and generally making a hazard to the health and well being of the public.

Who will respond as the public always does. Pack up and go where the jobs are. Leaving Rhambo ruling a dirty, decaying, ghost ridden empty sack of a town.


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