It is no real secret that around a fifth of the 1000 or so vinyl albums within easy reach here in the jacal are classical music. So let’s start a reflective Saturday night with a rather familiar bit of Offenbach. The Galop, Orphee de Enfer:

While I am not really a big fan of the solo plucked piano, anything this lady does is all right by me. From 1935, La Bourree e’Aubergne played by Wanda Landowska:

Nest, let is list to a spirited orchestral rendition of a familiar Rossini Overture. I should not be required to name that tune, so with no further ado, here’s Herbert Von Karajan und der Berliner Philharmonik:

Another familiar and much loved valzer, and one that should need no introduction. Conducted by Von Karajan, with some very pleasant accompniment:

Of course, “Classical Music” is hardly everyone’s cup of tea. Here’s a timeless classic of an entirely different genre:

And a companion song from the same era, sung by a much loved singer:

And, as another Christmas has been torn from the Calendar and another year is upon us, it would be well to play Janus, and look both forward and backward. Here is another very popular song from the late 1850’s and 1860’s that is as pertinent today as it was 160 years ago:

Perhaps it would be well to join in the Chorus.


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