The Washington Times has an interesting editorial today.

As the Times says in reference to press coverage of the ClimateGate scandal, “To judge by recent coverage from Associated Press, the Fourth Estate watchdog has acted like a third-rate pocket pet. Case in point is an 1,800-word AP missive that appeared in hundreds of publications, many carrying it on the front page of their Sunday, Dec. 13 issue with the headline, “Science not faked, but not pretty.” AP gave three scientists copies of the controversial e-mails and then asked them about their conclusions. The wire service portrayed the trio of scientists as dismissing or minimizing allegations of scientific fraud when, in fact, the scientists believe no such thing.”

Of course, the media has acted like a third rate pocket pet on many other issues as well. Energy, for example. Health care. Iran. Farms into trees. And a host of other issues.

But there are a few hopeful signs that at least a few in the media are slowly becoming aware of the problem a captive media poses for conventional medias survival. Now, if we could get a similar editorial from EVERY newspaper!


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