My parents named me after a couple of their friends – without thinking! So, like my friend Carillon Little Turnipseed Weichert, AKA Willie, I learned to fight early. And changed to using a nickname for people and initials for documents.

Naturally, when I ran across this item on MSNBC, I had to stop and look.

Yep, getting a tag like Marijuana Pepsi and the other “funny names” while you are too young to protest will make you tough or kill you. So will a lot of other names I have run across in my pirootin’ around this world. Some will make you laugh – most will make you weep in sympathy for the poor devil who has to wear those names.

By all means read the text, play the video, and get a smile or two. But mamas – if you have inclination to name your child something that would have gotten you picked on in the playground – STOP!

Give that baby a common name, but call them what you want. You will save them a lot of misery.


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