A Study In Media Malpractice And Facticide

For those interested in media lies, this is just an example of how the complicit media fabricates stories and ruins lives.

PJ Media’s Scott Ott reveals how a non-story gets headlines and bylines around the world. Briefly quoting the PJ Tatler report linked above:

ABC-57 reporter Alyssa Marino’s editor sends her on a half-hour drive southwest of their South Bend studio, to the small town of Walkerton (Pop. ~2,300). According to Alyssa’s own account on Twitter, she “just walked into their shop [Memories Pizza] and asked how they feel” about Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

Owner Crystal O’Connor says she’s in favor of it, noting that while anyone can eat in her family restaurant, if the business were asked to cater a gay wedding, they would not do it. It conflicts with their biblical beliefs. Alyssa’s tweet mentions that the O’Connors have “never been asked to cater a same-sex wedding.”

What we have here is — as we called in journalism school jargon — “no story.” Nothing happened. Nothing was about to happen.

And nothing should have happened. Editors like Ed Gaylord, Roy Reporters, and Bill White would have sent the “reporter” home clutching a final paycheck.

Reporters who want to become journalists report the who, what, when, where, and why of a story. They do not turn a “anyone can eat here, or order carryout,” into a major world wide accusation of bigotry; call down death threats on the young owners, and generally raise hell with the peach and tranquility of a community. But a WBND reporter did exactly that.

So now a small town pizza shop is closed, and will probably never reopen. A small town that overwhelmingly supports the shop owners position that it will serve all the public, but it will not go out of their way to accommodate those acting contrary to their religion. Thanks, WBND, I am sure you made a lot of new viewers in South Bend, Judsonia, Goshen, Valparaiso, and of course, Walkerton.

As a business model, that is a good recipe for Chapter 7. And no, I do not feel in the least sorry for WBND or for the “news director” who let this story get out. They owe a young couple in Walkerton more than they will ever be able to pay.

I feel sorry for the young couple sideswiped by the media, who will have to try to find a job when all they know is making pizza. I feel sorry for the cake maker who will have to sell 35,000 wedding cakes to pay off a couple who got all but hurt because they refuse to make them a cake. When agnostic cake makers are a dime a dozen.

And yes, I feel sorry for the preachers who are inevitably beng forced to choose between the ministry and performing what they consider an abomination.

We shall endure what we must but it will be an awfully poor world if it is run by our facticdal and recklessly irresponsible media.


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