An Actor Vs A Distinguished Gentleman

An Instapundiit item juxtaposes the faces of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and an actor.

Born in a Savannah “neighborhod” and raised in extreme poverty, Justice Thomas is one of the sharpest legal minds on the planet; if not the sharpest. If you are fortunate enough to meet Justice Thomas, a smile and a word will get you a return in kind. And he is an American, a friend the Constitution, and of the American people.

The actor? Hosato Takei was born in 1937. Interned in one of Roosevelt’s concentration (called internment) cams. In common with most interned families, Takata’s parents lost almost every thing they had to time and the tax collector.Takei earned a BA in theater from the University of California before paying his dues in the entertainment industry.

As the image at Instapundit notes, Judge Clarence Thomas votes for the political party that freed his people, and that has for 150 years done its best to uphold equal rights for all.

While Takei votes for a political party that has historically “Whites only,” and only some White’s at that.

While Judge Thomas Party was pushing through Constitutional amendments to insure equal rights for all, Takei’s party was bitterly opposed to Asian immigration. When Chinese workers were through blasting the UP railroad through California’s mountains, Takei’s party wanted to reward them with a one way ticket home.

While Judge Thomas Republicans mounted an enormous effort to make sure Black Americas were fitted for the industrial jobs they were sure would come, Democrats used every excuse to keep Black Americans in ignorance and poverty.

While Judge Thomas Party was trying to make members of Indian nations American citizens, Takei’s party spent time stirring up fears of an imminent attempt to recapture the land the Nations lost.

I could go on, but Thomas has a sterling record as a lawyer and judge. Judge Thomas is the real deal.

George Takei? is an actor, who pretends to be someone he is not.

In judging the relative worth of the two men to our society, I would judge one’s value to be fleeting at best. Who is he to criticize?


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