Head Start As Successful As Teaching A pig To Play The Banjo

A five year study at Vanderbilt University found little, if any, gains in pre-kindergarten school programs.

While they do provide a state controlled place for pre-school age children to stay under State control and indoctrination, they do nothing toward furthering the children’s education. Given the nature of the rasa tabula that is a small child’s mind, that would be the expected result. Briefly quoting the Nashville Public Radio report linked above:

Vanderbilt Peabody College professors followed a thousand students from pre-K through third grade and compared them to a control group who skipped pre-K. All of the students are considered economically disadvantaged.

Not only did students who missed pre-K catch up within a year or two. But researchers found, on the whole, students who attended pre-K fell behind their peers by the time they finished third grade.

Yep, just as many experienced teachers expected, Head Start is a counterproductive failure. One that would not have been imposed on helpless children, had not it profited someone enough to buy a new government program.


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