PBS: White Men Are Sexist: Other Skin Tones Are Not

It is no secret that PBS has been a publicly funded “hate whitey” group for many years. Newsbusters takes notice of the latest eruption from PBS, that “White men are guilty of ambivalent sexism.”

There is nothing ambivalent about the palefaces attitude toward women. By the 1500 year old code of conduct European society a man was supposed to keep his women well fed, well housed, and well satisfied; walk between any woman and any possible danger and to protect any woman to the point of sacrificing his own life. A code admirable in many respects, not least in the general observance by men. Until stupid women ruined a good deal.

Of course, European manners and mores have produced a few rogues who did not play by the rulebook. “Yellow Hair of the yellowlegs,” George Armstrong Custer, pursued a small band of Cheyenne for hundreds of miles in order to murder a Chief and take his daughter. And produce two children by her.

But Custer was an exception in an age when virtually every man observed the code. There was, and is, nothing ambivalent about paleface men’s regard for women. They like ’em. Sometimes too many and too much, but they kike them.

And PBS should have their collective mouths washed out with chicken droppings and lye soap for suggesting they do not.


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