Gun cranks may wonder why the decision on a corporation suing the Federal Election Commission would concern a gun blogger. That’s easy – it’s a free speech issue.

A corporation, Citizens United, sued the Federal Election Commission over rules banning political statements and advertising. The court’s decision is a poke in the eye to the “progressives” who wish to silence groups like the NRA. And your local gun club. Here’s the key language so far:

“The Court has recognized that First Amendment protection extends to corporations. … This protection has been extended by explicit holdings to the context of political speech. … Under the rationale of these precedents, political speech does not lose First Amendment protection “simply because its source is a corporation.” The Court has thus rejected the argument that political speech of corporations or other associations should be treated differently under the First Amendment simply because such associations are not “natural persons.”

Just to be clear, it would still be perfectly legal for Congress to ban corporate political donations to political candidates. And it should. But Congress and the State Legislatures cannot ban political SPEECH.

That “unjust decision” has already resulted in several very public screaming fits from the political left. Which should tell anyone interested what they are all about.


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