Ever since the 1968 election the Democrats have called the gun control issue “the winning issue.” The Party has chosen hard line anti-gun candidates every time the opportunity offered. While the “Gun Control Act of 1968” Lyndon Johnson signed into law has steadily been amended to make it much less restrictive than it was.

If we cannot call Herters and order a U9 barreled action in .270, or a German made .401 Herters PowerMag revolver, we can at least arrange for pickup at our local dealers. We do not have to sign in the “bound book” when we buy ammo. And all that fuss and feathers has done the Party very little good.

Now, the Dimmos have another sure fire, never fail, winning issue. Health care. No matter than almost eight out of ten Massachusetts voters who voted for Brown say they did so because they oppose ObamaCare. So the Dimmos say the voters were against ObamaCare because it was not “socialist” enough.

And, reportedly, the firm of Pelosi, Reid, and Obama, et al, et ux, plans on introducing identical and far reaching health care bills in the House and Senate, driving them through, “reconciling the numbers,” and Obama will sign it. Wallah! A “socialist enough” health care bill and this falls election will be another Dimmo laugher.

I don’t think so, Barry. If you insist on that course, retribution will be nearly a year faster than it was for those who voted for the Gun Control Act of 1968.

One of those who had to work very hard to overcome his support for GCA ’68 was Lyndon Johnson’s VP, Hubert Horatio Humphrey. Humphrey ran to regain his old Senate seat and spent a lot of time at sportsmans club meetings. When a reporter for a Minneapolis newspaper asked him why, Humphrey said, “Gun owners never forget – and they seldom forgive.”

Much the same thing is true of voters in general. I seriously doubt that Nebraska’s voters will forget Ben Nelson. Or Louisiana’s voters Mary Landreiu. Will their constituents forgive them? I don’t hear much forgiveness in Omaha or Baton Rouge.

Given enough of these sure fire winning issues and the Democratic Party will be one with the Whig Party.


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